What are own, Paid and Earned Media?

Qué son los Medios Propios Pagados y Ganados

Today we will discover what paid and earned owned media are, in the vast world of digital marketing, the careful selection of communication channels stands as a cornerstone for the success of any strategy. Facing the challenge of defining the marketing strategy involves a thorough understanding of the various types of media and channels available. […]

How to apply Long Tail Marketing to your business

Long Tail Marketing

The term “Long Tail marketing” was coined by Chris Anderson, a prominent journalist and editor-in-chief of Wired, a magazine specializing in technology and culture. His seminal contribution to this concept dates back to an article published in October 2004 in Wired, where Anderson explored the transformation of business models in the digital age. The seed […]

What is Marketing Myopia and how to avoid it?

Miopía del Marketing

In the fast-paced marketing universe, where strategies and approaches are constantly evolving, it is crucial to understand and avoid a common trap: marketing myopia. This phenomenon, coined by renowned economist Theodore Levitt in the 1960s, remains a latent threat to companies that fail to adapt to market dynamism. What is Marketing Myopia? Marketing myopia is […]

What is Legal Marketing?

¿Qué es el Marketing Jurídico?

Legal Marketing is a specialized discipline that deals with the application of marketing strategies and techniques in the legal field. Its main objective is to promote the services, expertise and skills of legal professionals, such as lawyers and law firms, in a highly competitive environment. Throughout its evolution, legal marketing has undergone fundamental adaptations to […]

What is Fashion Marketing?

Fashion Marketing

Fashion Marketing has radically transformed the way fashion brands design their promotional strategies, marking a significant revolution in the industry. This strategic approach is not just about selling products, but about creating experiences that captivate potential customers and reinforce each brand’s unique identity. Table of Contents Fashion Marketing Definition and Strategies Fashion Marketing is defined […]

What is retail marketing?

Las 4 R del Retail Marketing

Retail marketing is more than simply selling products or services; it is about creating meaningful experiences for customers. In the context of our agency, Alio Modo Studio, we understand retail marketing as a comprehensive strategy to enhance the presence and relevance of companies in the digital sphere, focusing on search engine optimisation (SEO). Table of […]

Educational Marketing

Marketing Educativo

Educational marketing emerges as a fundamental pillar for academic institutions, a strategic tool that goes beyond mere promotion, becoming an essential catalyst for growth and relevance in an ever-changing educational environment. In essence, educational marketing represents the art of applying the tactics and principles of marketing in the field of educational institutions. This approach goes […]

What is Holistic Marketing and how does it work?

Marketing integrado

Let’s get to know holistic marketing. In the dynamic and ever-changing marketing arena, constant evolution has been a constant. As the years go by, the discipline thrives on new concepts, tools and strategies, all in the pursuit of innovation and progress. In this context of transformation, the revolutionary concept of holistic marketing, also known as […]

Comprendre les e-mails relationnels dans le marketing par e-mail : Un guide complet

in email marketing what is a relationship email (5)

Marketing Digital: Dans le domaine dynamique du marketing par courrier électronique, il est essentiel pour les entreprises qui s’efforcent d’établir des liens durables avec leur public de comprendre les subtilités des courriers électroniques relationnels. Ce guide complet se penche sur l’essence même des e-mails relationnels, en élucidant leur définition, leur signification et la myriade d’avantages […]

Understanding Relationship Emails in Email Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

in email marketing what is a relationship email (5)

Digital MarketingIn the dynamic realm of email marketing, understanding the intricacies of relationship emails is paramount for businesses striving to forge lasting connections with their audience. This comprehensive guide delves into the very essence of relationship emails, elucidating their definition, significance, and the myriad benefits they bring to the forefront of successful email marketing campaigns. […]